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If your J1 visa reads “Bearer is subject to section 212(E). Two years rule does apply,” then you are supposed to get a waiver from your home country.

You can also check this link for "Exchange visitor skills test" http://exchanges.state.gov/education/jexchanges/participation/waivers.htm (There is a pdf file with 70 pages in this link..... take your time..... relax.. and read)

When to start: I am not sure about the exact period when to start, but after 6 months is fine (If you decide to stay more than your visa period)

Stage I

The first step is to obtain a “No Objection Statement from home country”

The form can be downloaded from this link (Indian Embassy link) http://www.indianembassy.org/consular/nori.pdf

Take four copies of the form (Each form has three pages.The first page is the instruction page. Keep it safe and read carefully. You will need this later) Fill out the forms, get notarized, and send to the Indian Embassy along with the following items:

Before going through this list.... please visit the embassy site and each embassy's requirement/supporting documents are different... the following is for Washington DC embassy. Here is the link to all the embassy lists... http://indianembassy.org/embassy/cgi.htm

  Cover Letter
  Original Passport
  Fees for attestation
  Fees to return the passport
  Miscellaneous form from this page miscellaneous with your passport size photo [PDF]

Check your region in the home page of Indian Embassy and apply to that particular embassy. You can refer to the link http://indianembassy.org/embassy/cgi.htm

Stage II

Once you have received the attested forms (You will receive only three forms. One is for Indian Embassy record), send them to the following addresses: (You don't have to send any fees & return postage)

NOTE: Check each form to see that it has been signed and has the Indian Embassy Seal. Otherwise, it will not be considered in India. (One of my friends had the problem)

1.Central Government: (This address is common for all except Medical Degree) Address for Medical degree

Updated address from Prakash Srinivasan - updated Sep 21, 2012

Address to Send
Things to send
The Ministry of Human Resource & Development 1. Cover Letter
Department of Higher Education 2. Attested copy received from Indian Embassy
ES-5 section, West block 1 2. Passport copy
Wing 6, 2nd floor, R.K. puram 4. All copies of degree certificates (B. Sc., M. Sc., Ph. D)

New Delhi - 110 066, India


Phone: 011-91-11-26172492


2. State Government: (Only For Tamilnadu) Click here for other States

To Process the NORI certificate in Tamil Nadu Home Dept. Please contact this e-mail address ganeshpunitha06@gmail.com. (He will process and finish the job within 1 month, after he receive your application) if you are in URGENT - Thanks to Rajagopal Appavu from Texas for sharing this information

Address to Send
Things to send
The Secretary 1. Cover Letter
Home (Citz II) Department 2. Attested copy received from Indian Embassy
Government of Tamilnadu 2. Passport copy
Secretariat, Fort St. George 4. All copies of degree certificates (B. Sc., M. Sc., Ph. D)
Chennai - 600 009 5. The postal address of all the institutions attended and
Tamilnadu, India     the register number related to all the degrees

3. Passport Office: (Only For Tamilnadu) The Passport office where the passport was issued

Address to Send (Trichy)
Address to send (Madras)
Things to send
The Passport officer Regional Passport Office 1. Cover Letter
Regional Passport Office Royala Towers No. 2 & 3, IV Floor 2. Attested copy received from Indian Embassy
Municipal Water Tank Building Old No. 785, New No. 158 3. Passport copy
I Floor, WB Road Anna Salai  
Thiruchirapalli - 620 008 Chennai - 600 002, India  
Tamilnadu, India    

Updated Chennai passport Office address on 9/21/2012 - Thanks to Prakash Srinivasan

NOTE: You can send copies of all your degree and diploma certificates. However, it is very important to send copies of B. Sc., M. Sc., and Ph.D..

The response for the above three departments are (If everything functioned well – No strike/No postal delay etc…)

  1. Central Government: 35 to 45 days
  2. State Government: 3 - 4 Months
  3. Passport office: 3 - 4 months

NOTE: Most of the time the passport office from India sends the letter directly to the Indian Embassy where you applied. If you have not received anything (around 4 months) from the passport office (India), call Indian Embassy and find out.

Stage III

Update from Ajay Srinivasan (Click Here) May 1, 2012

In the mean time, send a form “J1 Visa waiver form to US department of State” You can download the form from the web site http://www.state.gov/m/a/dir/forms/ Send the completed form along with the following: The application form link http://www.state.gov/documents/organization/80024.pdf

  1. Cover letter
  2. Fee for $215
  3. Statement of reason (why you want to stay longer)
  4. All copies of DS-2019 (Previously IAP-66)
  5. Copy of the current passport (Check the application form link)
  6. Self addressed letter stamped – TWO

This fee is to open a case number only. You are supposed to send some more documents after receiving the case number in the next stage

Stage IV

Once you have received all the three letters from India, send the following item to Indian Embassy where you applied
  1. Photo copy of all the three letters
  2. Original passport
  3. Miscellaneous form with passport size photo
  4. Fees for the NORI certificate (Check 1st page of Instruction sheet STAGE I )
  5. Fees to return your original passport
  6. Photocopy of the case number received from US Department of State

You will receive a copy of “No Objection Statement” from the Indian embassy.
The original should be send to the US Department of State. The Indian Embassy automatically sends the original to the US Department of State

Stage V

You will receive the case number and instruction sheet “what to do next” within 2 weeks.
If you miss to send anything above in Stage III you are supposed to send all the informations as in Stage III.

Once you sent the items to the US Department of state, the only thing left to do is to check the status online and “WAIT

You can check the status through the following link with your case #

Stage “WAIT”

You will receive a copy of the recommendation letter from US Department of State to Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Service (BCIS)

From BCIS, you will receive a notice stating your fee is waived, the application number, and the processing time etc.
You can also check the status of your application from BCIS with a toll free number printed on the notice.

After that, you will receive a final notice from BCIS that the case has been approved. This is the final stage

Useful Links:

  1. Indian Embassy: http://www.indianembassy.org
  2. US Department of State Home page: http://www.travel.state.gov/visa/tempvisitors_info_waivers.html 
  3. Waiver Review application form: http://www.state.gov/documents/organization/80024.pdf
  4. Department of Education, New Delhi: http://www.education.nic.in./htmlweb/contactus.htm
  5. J1 Visa waiver online: https://j1visawaiverrecommendation.state.gov

More INFO:  

  1. It is very important to send the Miscellaneous form to the Indian Embassy every time you contact them (Experience)
  2. From the Central Government, you will receive a letter within one to two months of time
  3. From the State Government, they will send letters to all the institutions for reference along with a local police enquiry to your permanent address in the passport
  4. From the Passport office, local police enquiry to your permanent address in the passport
  5. No Objection certificate issued from the Indian Embassy; Washington is the one and only “NORI” Certificate. The letters from India proves that there is no due or any problem with you. They are not the NORI Certificate even tough it says NORI Certificate
  6. Cover letter is not necessary, but it is recommended
  7. If you follow everything correctly, the average time for the full process is around one Year
  8. If you do anything wrong, the time will be longer, since everything depends upon the postal mail

Example of a Case number detail: If you give the case number… it will pull out all the information about the case number

 Department of State Decision: Favorable Recommendation






Aug 23, 2003

No Objection Statement


Jun 11, 2003

Form DS-2019


Mar 05, 2003

Statement Of Reason


Mar 05, 2003



Feb 23, 2003

Form DS-3035


Feb 23, 2003

Instruction Sheet


Feb 23, 2003

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Cost (US $)
1.   NORI Attestation from Indian Embassy (Postage for sending and return $30)
66.00 + 30.00
2.   Passport size photo
3.   Postage for sending three places to India
4.   US Department of state (Plus ordinary postage $7.00)
215.00 + 7.00
5.   NORI Certificate from Indian Embassy (Postage send and return)
11.00 + 30.00
6.   Postage Department of State
Average Total

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